Devotional altar with led lights 80x30x2cm


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Measurements in cm:
80 x 30 x 2
Tanganyika walnut wood veneer MDF, plexiglass
Lighting system:
led strip on aluminum stand, intensity controller
Of light (dimmer), 12V 2A power supply – White colour
Set of original photographs from the Self-Realization Fellowship:
Measurements in cm:
10,2 x 12,7

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Wall-mounted or free-standing altar with special feet that can be purchased separately.
Model obtained by carving frames and housing for photographs from one piece. Excavated by pantograph (computerized numerical control machine, CNC) and then finished and painted by hand.
The gold-colored frames are painted with non-toxic water-based products.
The photographs are original prints purchased from the Self-Realization Fellowship.
At the back of the altar you can place the power cord in the center or to the side using the pre-prepared housing excavation.
The strip of LED lights is contained in an aluminum bar for the purpose of absorbing and dissipating its heat-though minimal-when in use.

It is recommended to dust the gilded parts with a soft, dry brush to avoid altering or ruining their particular finish.
The wooden surface can be dusted delicately by following the wood fiber with a dry cloth, taking care not to rub the gilded frames.
From time to time it is possible to revive the wood with neutral natural oil, taking care to remove the excess immediately, avoiding dirtying the gilded frames with the oil.

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Dimensions 90 × 8 × 40 cm

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