Modular devotional altar 96.5×37.5×1.5 cm Forex high density


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Measurements in cm:
96.5×37.5×1.5 cm
White high density forex
Weight Kg: 1.3

10 available

COD: 0139637FS
Category: devotional altars




Modular 3-layer wall-mounted or free-standing altar with special feet that can be purchased separately. Made from high-density Forex panels.

The first layer: can be purchased on its own because it constitutes an altar in itself and comes with its 4 feet. It can then be either placed on a plane or hung with the most common suspension systems (a nail/hook).

The second layer: decorative 5 mm white Forex perforated with CNC. This layer has gold-colored decorative cord.

The third layer: final decorative 5 mm white Forex perforated with CNC, to be coupled with the second layer. Second and third layers come with 4 clips to hold the three layers together so that the composition can be hung, or, upon request, with 4 feet for the altar to rest on.


It is recommended to clean the surface with a soft cloth moistened with water or lightly soapy (mild detergent is recommended), avoiding rubbing the surface. Printed images can be cleaned gently with soft cloth moistened with water only.